Kim (____bittersweet) wrote in turtle_fudge,

Am i turtle fudge? (Help me i dont know how to use and lj cut)

What's your name? Kim
How old are you? 15
Where do you live? Illinois

1.)What do you think of mullets? spiff. sometimes.
2.)If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you make it and why? yellow because id want to see everyones reaction to the fact that they cant find the sun because it blends in with the sky now...(that was a run-on)
3.)If you saw a cat at the pound and it was possessed would you buy it? noooo. cats scare me...posessed things too...
4.)If you saw someone walking and they had toilet paper stuck to their shoe, what would you do? tell them. quietly so no one would hear. (unless the person was a terribly mean exboyfriend, then i would let him walk on in clueless embarrasment)
5.)If you could have water fountains taste like anything, what would it be? pickle juice
6.)What the heck does the birds and the bees have to do with sex!? i always thought it was like when the bee stings the bird...yea...not even close to the real thing...(i guess i wouldnt know either)
7.)If you could only have 10 items with you for the rest of your life, what would they be? 10 microwaves (endless possibilities)
8.)Say something random: orange
9.)What are somethings that you are addicted to? spicy tomato juice, livejournal, anything yellow, dr pepper (because it is fully awesome)
10.)What is the most bestest thing to have caress your skin!? a chinchilla. (live one not fur, fur is bad)
11.)You see a man first shave off all his hair, then tape it to his palms and chest and run around like a mad ape. What is your reaction? id get down on my fists and play along. it would be a party.
12.)Is there anything special that happens to you around midnight? the rem cycle...?
13.)My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, what about your milkshake? its banana.
14.)What do your hands smell like right now? hair grease
15.)What is the square root of 50 million? are you gonna grade me on that...cuz i didnt do to good in math. i think its like 7.32million

Pictures! 3+

Me...i dont have a clue why im not wearing a shirt...sry about that.

yea...thats awesome...

that carwash...from the other side of the spectrum...(sp?)

stranded paddle sad...

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