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Turtle Fudge and Donkey Kong

There is cat hair in my beans...

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Welcome to Turtle Fudge!!!


crystlmoon16 Named Our Fetus jesus (pronouced 'hey-zeuss')

New One I Made:

<*img src=http://img55.photobucket.com/albums/v169/Queen2006/SpazBanner.bmp*>
<*lj user="turtle_fudge"*>

<*img src=http://img38.photobucket.com/albums/v116/turtle_fudge/turtlefudgepromote.bmp*>
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<*img src=http://img55.photobucket.com/albums/v169/Queen2006/Invader_Zim_Banner.bmp*>
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(Take the stars out or it won't work!)

Your MOD Nikki


And your CO-MOD's are... connorhea


Da Rules

1.)This community was made specifically for people who are 99.98% random ..........
2.)No promoting unless you promote this community as many times as you promote others.
3.)If you were not stamped you may not:
-Post comments
-Post entries
4.)Don't start any drama. Everyone is here to have fun, not to start fights. If you are the MOD of another community and you think I copied your idea, get over it. I didn't copy your idea. I came up with the random thing because I am random and thought it was a good idea to make it into a community. Don't come in here to cause drama.
5.)When you apply:
-In the 'subject box' put 'Am I Turtle Fudge?' so I know you read the rules. Use an lj-cut.
-You may not post comments in any other entries, only in your application.
-If someone is harsh, deal with it. Not everyone loves you.
-If you are rejected you may re-apply in a few days.
6.)Don't apply just to get accepted to show off an 'accepted' stamp in your profile. You need to stay active and vote and promote.
7.)There is a possibility of getting banned. This happens when you cause drama or promote other communities w/out promoting this one.
8.)If you are a boring person, don't bother applying. I want hilarious random people. Once you're accepted do the THEME.

Theme: Someone post a new theme idea. Thanks.

Application- (You may modify the layout of this app to fit your style. Yes you may change the colors and stuff and it won't bother me. It will just show me that you're creative.)


What's your name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?

1.)What do you think of mullets?
2.)If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you make it and why?
3.)If you saw a cat at the pound and it was possessed would you buy it?
4.)If you saw someone walking and they had toilet paper stuck to their shoe, what would you do?
5.)If you could have water fountains taste like anything, what would it be?
6.)What the heck does the birds and the bees have to do with sex!?
7.)If you could only have 10 items with you for the rest of your life, what would they be?
8.)Say something random:
9.)What are somethings that you are addicted to?
10.)What is the most bestest thing to have caress your skin!?
11.)You see a man first shave off all his hair, then tape it to his palms and chest and run around like a mad ape. What is your reaction?
12.)Is there anything special that happens to you around midnight?
13.)My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, what about your milkshake?
14.)What do your hands smell like right now?
15.)What is the square root of 50 million?

Pictures! 3+ Show me your randomocity!

Give me three things that are completley random that I can post in the Interest section on the info page:


Picture Intrests!!!