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Am I Turtle Fudge?

What's your name? samantha
How old are you? 15
Where do you live? kitchener, ont

1.)What do you think of mullets? they're cool and look good on most people
2.)If you could change the color of the sky, what color would you make it and why? umm hot pink because it would look cool when it gets cloudy and the rain would look cool as well
3.)If you saw a cat at the pound and it was possessed would you buy it? yes i would for some reason.....lol
4.)If you saw someone walking and they had toilet paper stuck to their shoe, what would you do? i have no clue what i would do...i might think that im behind in the lattest "trend" lol but i would probably laugh *quietly to myself*
5.)If you could have water fountains taste like anything, what would it be? every single flavor you could have and i would have a room where you could press a code and it would change colour as well as taste like bubble gum...
6.)What the heck does the birds and the bees have to do with sex!? I have no freakin clue.....but mabye thats the only way the people could explain sex to kids
7.)If you could only have 10 items with you for the rest of your life, what would they be?
1)CD player
3)camera to take pics of what i see
4)lolly pops as many as i can take*Ilove lolly pops*
6)bubble gum
7)lip gloss
8)bathing suit
9)more cloths
10)cotton candy
8.)Say something random: you guys + a sweet world = a perfect world
9.)What are somethings that you are addicted to? blood, chewing on the tops of pens, music, singing,pop,mints, going places,dancing
10.)What is the most bestest thing to have caress your skin!? seal flippers
11.)You see a man first shave off all his hair, then tape it to his palms and chest and run around like a mad ape. What is your reaction? i would rol on the ground laughing...i wouldn't be able to talk because i would be laughing so hard!!!
12.)Is there anything special that happens to you around midnight? you mean besides sitting watching the moon and waiting for true love then no
13.)My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, what about your milkshake? my milkshake brings all the boys to my house.....should i say more?
14.)What do your hands smell like right now? mint*because of my hand soap*
15.)What is the square root of 50 million? ummmmmmm YOU?????

My doggies....(sierra = 1 year old)

(caution = 2 years old)

and finally ME!!!

Three Things for Interest Page: pictures, bubble gum and cotton candy
so what do you think???
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