maki (nekura_yamiyo) wrote in turtle_fudge,

Banner Theme *stamped*

Okay, it's behind a lj-cut because this is probably going to kill my bandwidth. Hahahaha! It's been having problems loading correctly. Let me know if it's working okay or not. :D

I decided to go with a promoting banner since there was no specific one to choose from. Hope you like it... and yes, I already know it's not an original idea. :P

Theme complete... would have been done sooner had I not left half of it at work Friday. hehehe XD

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i love it...... but i already told you that so yeah
you did and i appreciate! ^__^
I love that!! Its so cool!
thank you!
i am not apart of this, but it is cute. he he.
you could be.. i promoted to you....... APPLY!